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Why a Survey is your Road to Success

by John Saya

The Internet has revolutionized survey taking. While there are many methods of conducting surveys, traditional methods such as calling people at their home during dinner, or standing in a mall asking people for their opinions as they pass by, prove less productive.

Telephone surveys have dropped significantly over the last few years due to telemarketing. People just don't want to be bothered any longer. However, a telephone survey you can ask "Is there anything else you'd like to say?". Not all web surveys provide extended functionality such as that.

The advantages of running a survey from the Web include easy distribution, reduced data entry errors, and reduced costs.

Top 10 Reasons to use Web Surveys
  1. Find out what your visitors want to see on your web site. This will attract continuous, repeat visitors to your web site, ensuring they read what is there.
  2. Find out how to improve your existing products or services. This will attract both new and existing customers to buy from you.
  3. Find out which products or services your customers would like to see you sell in the future. This will increase your back end product sales.
  4. Find out how to price your products or services more appropriately. This will help you sell at a price that will generate the most sales.
  5. Find out how to improve your customer service. This will reduce customer complaints, and help resolve issues more effectively later on.
  6. Find out how to improve your sales letters, web copy, or advertisements. This will increase your traffic, sales, or newsletter subscribers.
  7. Find out what kind of articles your visitors are interested in reading. This will increase your newsletter subscription base.
  8. Find out how your web site layout will best fit your visitor's needs and wants. This will increase the time your visitors stay on your web site.
  9. Find out what other products or services your customers would buy from you, even if they are not related to what you currently sell. This will help your business move into another market.
  10. Find out where your potential customers spend most of their time. This will easily tell you where to market and promote your products and services.

What to look for in Web Survey Software

If you don't have surveys on your web site, or never tried running your own survey, then you're missing out on the best way to improve your sales, marketing strategy, products, and services. Surveys can be fun to design, and easily created, especially with the right software. Try the Survey Maker to solve your Survey Making needs.

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