Site Searcher 2

This is only a screenshot. It does not operate.

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Config Password:
This is the password that must be entered to get to this configuration screen
Retype Password:
Type in the password again to verify the change.
Start Folder:
This is the starting folder on your web site to begin searching
Web Site URL:
This the web site address that corresponds to the folder above. Example:
Exclude Folders:
Do not search in these folders
Example: /path/to/private/folder
(Enter one per line)
File Extensions:
Only search for files with these extensions
(Enter one per line)
Max. Folders:
Maximum number of folders that should be searched into
Max. Files to Display:
Maximum number of files that should be displayed at one time
Max. Chars to Display:
Maximum number of characters that will be displayed for each file description
Min. Search Chars:
Mininum number of characters the user must enter to search for
Max. Search Time:
Maximum number of seconds each search can run for
Max. Bytes:
Maximum number of bytes a file can be, or it will not be searched
Remove HTML Tags? Yes No
Should basic HTML tags be removed when searching for files? This may improve search accuracy.

Below will be used to display on the screen during searches
This is the title that is displayed for your search engine
Search Description:
Display this before any files or folders have been found
Term Description:
Display this when searching in found files for search terms entered
Found Description:
Display this while searching to show how many files and folders have been found
No More:
Display this when there are no more results to be displayed
Max Reached:
Stop searching and display this when the default number of search seconds has been reached
Font Color:
Background Color:
Border Color:

Below is the default style sheet for the searches
This sets the overall colors and feel of the search screens

Below is the default screen visitors will see when they go to your search page
Copy and Paste the below code to your web pages to link directly to Site Searcher 2

Below is the searchbox that will be displayed when using the JavaScript version
Copy and Paste the below JavaScript code to display the search box on your web page instead of linking to it

Below is how the results of each search will be displayed