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InstaChat 3.0

Monday, October 18, 2021

InstaChat 3.0 allows your visitors to chat instantly, in realtime, without searching your web site for a chat room. Everyone is assigned a Guest login ID and they can chat immediately!

Features: Installation:

InstaChat 3.0 automatically installs on your web site in seconds Or, follow the below instructions to install manually.

Each page that you want the chat box to appear on, just place this one line of code on your web pages:

<SCRIPT SRC="http://www.yourserver.com/cgi-bin/instachat30.cgi?filename=chatfile"></SCRIPT>

The only required variable is filename. This will be the filename that will be used to store all chat text and display on your visitor's web browser. The default chat mode is 0, which is static display on your web browser.

Optional Variables:

mode: 0 = static display (refresh), 1 = refresh pop up, 2 = realtime pop up window
rows: number of rows to display for mode 0 (static)
cols: number of columns to display for mode 0 (static)
width: table width for mode 0 (static)
popwidth: width of pop up box for modes 1 and 2
popheight: height of pop up box for modes 1 and 2
background: color of chat screen background color, such as FFFCCC or BLUE
maxlines: maximum number of chat text lines to store (default is 50)
reload: number of seconds to reload chat screen under mode 0 (refresh chat)

To call InstaChat 3.0 with more options, you can do so like this:

<SCRIPT SRC="http://www.yourserver.com/cgi-bin/instachat30.cgi?filename=chatfile&mode=2&popwidth=500&popheight=550"></SCRIPT>


Static display (mode 0)
Refresh Pop Up (mode 1)
Realtime Pop Up (mode 2)

"You do have a very good service at good price"
- Steve Harris

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