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AutoResponder 1.0

Friday, September 29, 2023

If you're not following up with your customers then you're losing money! All of your messages are sent out to your subscribers on the day you say, so you don't need to remember anything. Whether you want to start a mailing list for fun, or really want to boost sales, then the AutoResponder 1.0 is for you.

How It Works:


To display the subscription box on any of your pages, just use:

<SCRIPT SRC="http://www.yourserver.com/cgi-bin/arespond.cgi?schedule=filename&background=CCCCCC"></SCRIPT>

Example Subscription Box:

Just replace filename with the actual schedule filename you want to use for this particular subscription. You would set up the schedule in the administration section.

You can also specify a background color using the background variable.


To add or edit any aspect of your autoresponders, including viewing and editing your subscribers of any schedule, just point your browser to:


Processing Schedules:

You should run AutoResponder 1.0 every day at the same time to make sure your messages are sent out on the correct days.

There are two ways to process your schedules. You can do it when you login to the administration section, or you can do it from the command line (telnet, ssh, cron).

To process a schedule from the command line, or want to execute it using cron (UNIX), use the command syntax below:

arespond.cgi username password schedule

Just enter your actual username and password, and the schedule name you want to process.

NOTE: cron or crontab is a feature on UNIX systems that will automatically run your scripts at certain dates and times you specify. This is the recommended method of processing your schedules since it's automatic. If you are unsure how to use it, contact your web hosting company.

Check it out:

You can test out the administration section here

Both the username and password are admin

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