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Sunday, June 13, 2021

No matter what business you're in, you probably need some type of calculator on hand to do some quick calculations.

The MultiCalc is exactly what it sounds like. It's many different types of calculators all rolled into one software package. There's 13 to be exact.

With the MultiCalc, you just select which type of calculator you want to place on your web site, choose the colors and style, and in seconds you see it, and can add it to your web pages!

Just look at how many types of calculators the MultiCalc contains:

  1. Scientific Calculator
  2. Loan / Credit Calculator
  3. Mortgage Calculator
  4. Birth Sign Calculator
  5. Buy vs. Rent Calculator
  6. Refinancing Calculator
  7. Blood Alcohol Content Calculator
  8. Savings Calculator
  9. Body Mass Indicator Calculator
  10. Automobile Buy vs. Lease Calculator
  11. Retirement Calculator
  12. CHMOD / Unix Permission Calculator
  13. Temperature Conversion Calculator
So no matter what your needs are for number crunching, you can give your site instant intelligence, and help your visitors calculate those annoying figures right on your web page!

Your visitors will love you for saving them time from searching for the perfect number cruncher. They'll always come back when they can get their favorite calculations done at your web site.


MultiCalc automatically installs on your web site in seconds Or, follow the below instructions to install manually.

Oh thank you so much. You guys have saved me alot of money. Thanks

Joolz Gibson

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