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MultiMedia Streamer PRO

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Are you looking for a way to stream videos or mp3's right on top of your web pages? Do you want to protect your clips from being hijacked off of your web page? Are you tired of waiting to download entire clips before they'll play on your web site? The MultiMedia Streamer PRO will do all of that and more.



You can move around the video and audio clips with your mouse after clicking on any of the links below.

The colors, layout, and video sizes can be set in the Control Panel.

Below are the same video and audio clips above, but different colors and sizes are used. These options can be set in the Control Panel.


Video and audio clips will only play correctly on your web site if you have the proper codecs installed on your personal computer. For example, to play RealMedia (RM) clips, you must have RealPlayer installed. To play QuickTime (MOV) files you must have Apple QuickTime installed.

Although not necessary, you should have the latest version of Windows Media Player installed:

Download Windows Media Player for Windows
Download Windows Media Player for Mac

Each of the above codecs and players are free to download.


MultiMedia Streamer PRO automatically installs on your web site in seconds Or, follow the below instructions to install manually.

How to use:

You can login to MultiMedia Streamer PRO's Control Panel by pointing your web browser to:


After you login, you can create and edit your streaming video and audio clips, sizes, and colors. MultiMedia Streamer PRO will then give you the appropriate code to add to your web pages.

"just stumbled upon your Forum Tracker ... VERY cool, my friend! Thanks for including IM4Newbies ..;) And a VERY nicely laid out, and informative, site ... too!"
- M. Merz

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