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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Forms are an essential part of your web site. A form is just a way of asking your visitor's for information. If you don't ask for their name or e-mail address, how will you get in touch with them? How will you process orders without forms? You can't. But FormPRO 3 is unlike any other form development software.

FormPRO 3 creates any type of form for your website!

What else can FormPRO 3 do? What is CAPTCHA and why use it?

CAPTCHA is an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart".

FormPRO 3 includes CAPTCHA as an optional feature to ensure you stop receiving spam from your web site. CAPTCHA is useful because it's very difficult for software to read certain letters and numbers, where a human can read them more easily. So your visitor reads the CAPTCHA code displayed on their screen, and types it into a box. With that said, automated software submissions and other SPAM techniques are stopped entirely or greatly reduced.

How does FormPRO 3 use CAPTCHA?

FormPRO 3 is unique because it uses 3 levels of security to ensure each CAPTCHA code is always unique and cannot be read by a computer or software. Here's what FormPRO 3 does when you choose to add CAPTCHA to your forms:

  1. Server Encryption: A randomly generated code is generated and encrypted by FormPRO 3
  2. Web Browser Encryption: The code is then encrypted again by your web browser and hidden using JavaScript and DHTML... so the code can never be read by viewing the HTML source code... only by a web browser
  3. Time Verification: When the visitor enters the code into your form, it is decrypted by FormPRO 3, then compared by a timestamp to ensure it's not too old. If the code is old, it will be rejected by FormPRO 3 and a new code will be generated, then shown to the visitor
  4. If the visitor enters the correct CAPTCHA code generated by FormPRO 3, they will be able to submit your form
This is far better than Image CAPTCHA's because most web sites only use a few images that eventually can be broken, or need to be replaced often with other images. And let's face it... that's only one level of security too!

FormPRO 3 can even add CAPTCHA to your existing forms that you have on your web site.

FormPRO 3 is like having hundreds of programs in one!

Now you don't need to have a clue about HTML or forms to create one, and have it fully functioning on your web site in minutes. Whether you want to have a form ask for your visitor's name, favorite hobbies, daily routine, or how much toilet paper they use in a day, you can do it with FormPRO 3.

FormPRO 3 lets you create any type of field, including text boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, and select lists with a few clicks of your mouse.

FormPRO 3 not only helps you create your forms, but it will also take all of the information that your web site visitors entered into the form, and it sends it to your e-mail address. You can even have it record each submission to a database for later retrieval.

More videos coming soon!

Login password is: admin

Below are a some forms created with FormPRO 3.

This form will:

This form will let your visitors refer friends to your web site

Place multiple elements on a single line

This form will let you upload a file. You can then see the file in the download options if you refresh your browser.

This form will let your visitors register and login to a membership database

This form will open a new window to the search engine you choose

This form does exactly the same as above, but records and displays the number of votes for each search engine.

This form shows how to combine multiple forms and the selections that a user chose.

This form will create a mailling list database, with phone number, zip code, and e-mail verification.

Below are ready made projects that you can import into your own FormPRO 3:

More projects coming soon!

MySQL User Database
Favorite Fruits
Favorite Fruits (Part 2)
E-mail Database
E-mail Database with Updating
Favorite Search Engine
Favorite Search Engine with Vote Tracking
File Uploading
Mailing List
Membership Management
Refer A Friend


FormPRO 3.1 automatically installs on your web site in seconds Or, follow the below instructions to install manually.

How to use:

Once you install FormPRO 3 in your CGI-BIN folder, you can access it by pointing your web browser to:


Although FormPRO 3 will create forms for you, and give you all of the necessary code to place on your web pages, you may want to use it to submit your current forms.

Any form you create, point the action tag to your formpro3.cgi script like this:

<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="http://www.your-web-site.com/cgi-bin/formpro3.cgi">

If you are uploading files with your form, you must use this line:

<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="http://www.your-web-site.com/cgi-bin/formpro3.cgi" enctype="multipart/form-data">

The only required variable is recipient (your e-mail address) that you must pass in a hidden field, like this:

<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=recipient VALUE="[email protected]">

If you want to specify a different e-mail address the form will be addressed from then you can specify it before the recipient e-mail address and then separate both using a two colons ( :: ). For example:

<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=recipient VALUE="[email protected]::[email protected]">

You can also have the from e-mail address filled in with whatever your visitor enters in a specific element. So let's say you have an element named YourEmail. You would just surround that element name with exclamation points and put it in the recipient value. For example:

<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=recipient VALUE="!YourEmail!::[email protected]">

FormPRO 3 can also encrypt your e-mail address, so it is not displayed on your web page and used for SPAM.

Other hidden variables you can use are:

returnpage which will redirect to another URL after the form has been submitted.

Your return page can also contain the same element name as your form, and be filled in automatically.

Let's say you have an element called FirstName. You would then put !!FirstName!! in your return page for it to be filled in with the value your visitor entered. Notice how the name is just surrounded by double exclamation points. You may need some elements to be URL Encoded to be passed on to the next web site correctly. To have FormPRO 3 URL Encode an element value, use it like this instead !{!FirstName!}!

requiredfields is used to tell FormPRO a field must be filled in. If you have two fields, firtname and lastname that cannot be left blank, then you would put this in your form:

sortmethod if you set this to 1 (one) then your results will be e-mailed to you in alphabetical order. Otherwise the results will be in order they are displayed on your form.

<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=requiredfields VALUE="firstname,lastname">

subject to e-mail you a different message in the subject line of the message than the default.

writedb will log all submissions in a text file to the name you specify here.

If you want submissions logged to a MySQL Database, first be sure the database already exists and has the following settings:

Table Name: logs
Columns: formunixtime, formdate, formtime, formipaddress

The rest of the columns should be the exact name and spelling as your elements in your form

You would then specify the writedb line like this:

<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=writedb VALUE="databasename,mysqlHost,mysqlUsername,mysqlPassword">

uploadfilesto tells FormPRO 3 the folder your uploaded files are stored in. The default folder is "files" under the main FormPRO 3 folder on your web site.

Adding CAPTCHA to your existing forms

If you have forms on your web site already, and don't want to make them again using FormPRO 3, you can enhance their security by using FormPRO 3's CAPTCHA feature. Just add the below JavaScript code before your SUBMIT button on your form. The CAPTCHA text and box will automatically be displayed on your form.

<script src="http://www.your-web-site.com/cgi-bin/formpro3.cgi?formprocaptcha=showcaptcha"></script>

Just replace the above URL with the location of FormPRO 3 on your web site

Version 3.1 Changes:

Version 3 Changes:

Version 2.5 Changes:

Version 2.2 Changes:

Version 2.1 Changes:

"Thanks a million. I knew there would be some killer resource out there like this. Looks like I've got my work cut out for me."
- M. Walker

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