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InstaHover Ads

Sunday, May 26, 2024

If sign ups to your newsletter are slow and sales are even slower, then you need to need boost your marketing efforts the moment a visitor comes to your web site.

Many web sites use outdated and annoying Pop Up Advertisements to grab their visitor's attention, but the ever-increasing pop-up blockers make it hard to get your message across.

Now you can creativeily, and effectiveily increase response to any advertisement using InstaHover Ads.

InstaHover Ads will hover your ad, in an unblockable window, or your web page, in three very unique and eye-catching ways:

  1. Slide Up Hover Ad: Slides your Ad from the bottom of the web browser at a speed of your choice, without blocking the rest of the page and annoying your visitor. This is perfect to offer a bonus for signing up for a newsletter or for a promoting sale
  2. Delay Hover Ad: Displays your ad after a specified amount of time passes. It will then dim your web page, displaying your Ad to your visitor. This is ideal for someone who is sitting at your page maybe deciding if they should order or not.
  3. Flee Hover Ad: Displays your Ad just before your visitor tries to leave your web site or go to another web site. This is essential in getting one last chance to get your visitor to do something just before they leave. Remember, once they leave your web site, who knows when they'll be back!



You should see the Slide Up Hover Ad come up from the bottom of your screen, and the Delay Hover Ad will display after few seconds of being on this page.

To see the Flee Hover Ad, move your mouse toward your browser's back button, as if you were trying to leave this page, and the Flee Hover Ad will come up


InstaHover Ads automatically installs on your web site in seconds Or, follow the below instructions to install manually.

Thanks to a number of programs I have downloaded, the plans that I had for my website, www.thecamc.org, that were for the future are realities today. The support that you give is beyond excellent. Thank you!

Jack Copeland

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