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Member Manager

Monday, February 27, 2017

This version of Member Manager is no longer supported. Get the latest version here

Need to block parts of your web site or certain files? Want to ensure that all users gave a real e-mail address before they can login?

Member Manager will allow users to sign up instantly and if you choose, it will e-mail a random passcode to them for verification before they can login. Once a user logs in, they will be forwarded to your default members area that you specify, or to any location for each individual user.

Member Manager can also automatically notify you when a new member signs up, log all activity, and allows you to customize your e-mail messages to your members!

Just place the Member Manager script in your cgi-bin directory and link to it by using http://www.yourserver.com/cgi-bin/mmanager.cgi. Users can login or sign up from there.

You can login here to test the Member Manager.

To test the login, use test as your username and test for the password.

The default administrator username is admin and the password is admin. In this demo, you will be forwarded to www.google.com when you sign up as a member. The administrator can see all users, but will not be forwarded.

All usernames are stored in lowercase automatically, so no matter how they enter it in the login section, it will check the proper user file.

I wrote to you about a problem I had with your scripting. The problem was, as you know, not with your scripting. The problem was with the user, ME!

Thank you for your quick response, and the obvious knowledge you have about the possible solutions. Your suggestion enabled the program to work immediately.

I think you hear ma few complaints but I herewith send you BIG COMPLIMENTS for the software package which you offer, and for your professionalism in customer support. I find the price unbelievably inexpensive and the support better than normal from companies who offer software at +$1,500,00.

Thank you for this great value and for your software contribution, which opens doors for the layman in the high tech world.


Haras Fyre

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