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Form Sender

Sunday, June 13, 2021

FormPRO 3 contains many more features and improvements.

Form Sender will collect and e-mail the contents of any form you create to any e-mail address you specify. Stop struggling with programming to get your form data sent to you and get Form Sender today.

Features: Installation:

Form Sender automatically installs on your web site in seconds Or, follow the below instructions to install manually.

How to use:

Any form you create, point the action tag to your formsender.cgi script like this:

<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="http://www.yourserver.com/cgi-bin/formsender.cgi">

The only required variable is recipient (your e-mail address) that you must pass in a hidden field, like this:

<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=recipient VALUE="sales@yourcompany.com">

Other hidden variables you can use are:

returnpage which will redirect to another URL after the form has been submitted.

subject to e-mail you a different message in the subject line of the message than the default.

We saw all sorts of tools - site protection, sticky windows, streaming video, audio , etc - too many choices and we thought above gets us off to a great start ... your site is awesomely overwhelming - like a candy store to a 5 year old ... where do we begin??? does it ever need to end?

Annie Costa

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