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Support Center 2

Sunday, May 26, 2024

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Keeping your business organized is the key to success. E-mail is fine if you only have a few customers. But what happens when you need other people such as sales staff, customer support staff, or technical support people to help answer all of your support questions?

Things can get confusing very quickly, and it's difficult to track every response using only e-mail.

Support Center 2 solves these problems by providing an easy, all-in-one solution to the problem.

Here's how it works: Support Center 2 Features: What is CAPTCHA and why use it?

CAPTCHA is an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart".

Support Center 2 includes CAPTCHA as an optional feature to ensure you stop receiving spam from your web site. CAPTCHA is useful because it's very difficult for software to read certain letters and numbers, where a human can read them more easily. So your visitor reads the CAPTCHA code displayed on their screen, and types it into a box. With that said, automated software submissions and other SPAM techniques are stopped entirely or greatly reduced.

How does Support Center 2 use CAPTCHA?

Support Center 2 is unique because it uses 3 levels of security to ensure each CAPTCHA code is always unique and cannot be read by a computer or software. Here's what Support Center 2 does when you choose to add CAPTCHA to your forms:

  1. Server Encryption: A randomly generated code is generated and encrypted by Support Center 2
  2. Web Browser Encryption: The code is then encrypted again by your web browser and hidden using JavaScript and DHTML... so the code can never be read by viewing the HTML source code... only by a web browser
  3. Time Verification: When the visitor enters the code into your form, it is decrypted by Support Center 2, then compared by a timestamp to ensure it's not too old. If the code is old, it will be rejected by Support Center 2 and a new code will be generated, then shown to the visitor
  4. If the visitor enters the correct CAPTCHA code generated by Support Center 2, they will be able to submit your form
This is far better than Image CAPTCHA's because most web sites only use a few images that eventually can be broken, or need to be replaced often with other images. And let's face it... that's only one level of security too!

Here's how the support box will look:

After a ticket is submitted, you can view it below:

Screen Shots

Username and password are both TEST


Support Center 2 automatically installs on your web site in seconds Or, follow the below instructions to install manually.


You can view, edit, and respond to any support ticket by pointing your browser to:


Displaying Support Box:

Just add the below line to any of your web pages to have the support box displayed automatically.

<SCRIPT SRC="http://www.your-web-site.com/cgi-bin/scenter2.cgi?area=show"></SCRIPT>

Optional Variables:

You can also have some fields prefilled in by adding the below optional variables to the code above:

The information you add to these fields must be URL encoded since they are being passed back to a web site. Although there are many URL encoded characters, the most common is to use a plus sign ( + ) in place of a space. So if you wanted to fill in the subject with Please help me then you would add this code to your web page:

<SCRIPT SRC="http://www.your-web-site.com/cgi-bin/scenter2.cgi?area=show&subject=Please+help+me"></SCRIPT>

I find your site interesting and professionally done. The software is a great value for the price...

Scott Henderson

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