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Multimedia Streamer

Sunday, November 28, 2021

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Did you ever click on a link to a video or audio clip and you had to wait for the entire thing to download before it would play? Don't you wish it would just play instantly? Now it's possible. With the Multimedia Streamer, you can make virtually all of your multimedia files like mp3, mpeg, rm, avi, asf, and wmv's play in realtime as they're downloading! No more waiting.



Check out the Administration Panel here

Both the username and password are admin


Multimedia Streamer automatically installs on your web site in seconds Or, follow the below instructions to install manually.

How to use:

You can use the Multimedia Streamer two ways:

You can have it display all of your multimedia links on a web page for you using the below code:

<SCRIPT SRC="http://www.yourserver.com/cgi-bin/streamer.cgi?filename=file"></SCRIPT>

Just replace file with any filename you created in the administration screen.

Optional Variables:

You can pass these variables along with the code above to change the style and colors of your multimedia file listings. Just add an ampersand sign (&) and the variable below. For example, filename=file&bordercolor=#000000

width: specify width of box
height: specify height of box
bordercolor: specify border color of box
backgroundcolor: specify background of box

Or, you can just copy the link that is created in the Administration panel for each multimedia file, and place it on your web pages, or e-mail it to someone. Anyone that clicks on it will stream that particular file.

To edit URL's and descriptions, point your browser to:


I wrote to you about a problem I had with your scripting. The problem was, as you know, not with your scripting. The problem was with the user, ME!

Thank you for your quick response, and the obvious knowledge you have about the possible solutions. Your suggestion enabled the program to work immediately.

I think you hear ma few complaints but I herewith send you BIG COMPLIMENTS for the software package which you offer, and for your professionalism in customer support. I find the price unbelievably inexpensive and the support better than normal from companies who offer software at +$1,500,00.

Thank you for this great value and for your software contribution, which opens doors for the layman in the high tech world.


Haras Fyre

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