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HitTail Alerter

Thursday, October 06, 2022

HitTail Alerter is a companion software product that takes the popular free web site tracking software package TraceWatch to another level by notifying you of new keywords visitors are using to find your web site, and also providing a complete visitor tracking solution.

What is a Hit Tail?

A Hit Tail is a keyword phrase passed from a search engine (or any other web site) that contains the search words that were used to send that person to your web site but are different than those entered by the visitor.

For example: You might have a Hit Tail Variable named AdKeyword that was sent from GoogleTM. Now AdKeyword contains the search term cgi script but your visitor actually entered cgi script software.

This is considered a Hit Tail because the terms are different. You should then consider changing any ad campaigns you are running since the keywords being triggered from the search engine are different than those entered by your visitor.

HitTail Alerter is NOT just a web stats program. It actually helps find other keywords and markets that you may not be aware of.

Why use HitTail Alerter?

Screen Shots

Realtime Search Engine Query Information

Improve Your Ad Campaigns. See if your keywords match what people type into the search engines (HitTails). If not, add them to your campaign for usually less money.

See what other web sites are linking to your web site

See people that may be revisiting your web site by directly typing in your web site address

Here's a sample daily e-mail generated by the HitTail Alerter



HitTail Alerter automatically installs on your web site in seconds Or, follow the below instructions to install manually.

How can I have Google AdwordsTM send the keyword information to my web site?

GoogleTM provides a built-in variable called {keyword} to your AdWords account. All you need to do is append your destination web site with that and your own variable. Like this:

Now when someone clicks on your Adwords ad, AdKeyword will contain the trigger phrase that was used to show that ad on GoogleTM. HitTail Alerter can then keep track of this information and e-mail you reports daily, weekly, or monthly.

How can I receive daily, weekly, or monthly e-mails?

HitTail Alerter can automatically notify you two different ways. Both options are automatically generated for you in HitTail Alerter's Configuration.

Option 1:

Have your web site run htalert.cgi from the command line using CRON every day automatically.

HitTail Alerter e-mail command line usage:

htalert.cgi password days [email protected]
Example Usage:

htalert.cgi mypwd 7 [email protected]
The above command will login to HitTail Alerter using the password mypwd, gather the last 7 days of information starting with the current date, and e-mail the results to [email protected]

Some web sites may require that you entire the entire path to your cgi-bin folder and the htalert.cgi script. For example:

/folder/cgi-bin/htalert.cgi mypwd 7 [email protected]

Option 2:

Run HitTail Alerter from your web browser or have a service call the link for you each day, week, or month

HitTail Alerter e-mail web usage:

http://www.your-web-site.com/cgi-bin/[email protected]
This is almost exactly the same as the command line version above, but it is called from your web browser, in case you don't have command line access on your web site.

"WOW nope I didn't know [about your Auto Install feature] or I would have used it, I LOVE easy :-)"
- R. Saltman

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