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Trace Watch 0.234 (With Installer 1.2)

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Make TraceWatch even more powerful with the HitTail Alerter

TraceWatch Real Time Web Stats and Traffic Analysis Lets you keep track of the visitors to your website in real time with detailed statistics and deep analysis using an innovative user interface.


Screen Shots:

Main Statistics Page

Path Analysis

Latest Visitors


  1. Web server with PHP and Mysql database support.
  2. JavaScript enabled browser for viewing report pages
  3. Macromedia Flash Player 7 or higher for viewing graphs and path analysis page. (If graphs do not show up in FireFox download the latest version of Flash Player)

Trace Watch 0.234 (With Installer 1.2) automatically installs on your web site in seconds Or, follow the below instructions to install manually.

  1. Download the twatch archive file. It contains the licence agreement and two folders named twatch and twatch_include. Extract files in the archive to your hard drive.
  2. twatch_include folder contains a file named userinfo.php, open this file in a text editor like notepad.
  3. Type your information between single quotes in front of the corresponding variable and save changes:
    Your MySql database server address, it's very likely to be localhost or
    Name of an existing database on the server to be used by TraceWatch
    Database Username
    Database Password
    Choose a username for accessing reports and administration pages
    Choose a password for above username
    Ignore this for now
  4. Upload both twatch and twatch_include folders to the root folder of your website usually named htdocs or public_html.
  5. With your web browser go to this address: http://www.yourdomain.com/twatch/install.php (Replace yourdomain with the domain name of your website).
    • You can also use CGI Connection's self-installer script by placing twatch_install.cgi in your CGI-BIN folder, CHMOD to 755, and then point your web browser to http://www.yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/twatch_install.cgi
  6. Enter your TraceWatch username and password and click Login
  7. Click Install. wait for a while for the installation to finish and you get 'logger started successfuly'.
  8. Put the line of code below on any page you want to count:

    PHP Code:

    JavaScript Code:

    • Make sure the file is processed by the server as php if you're using the PHP code. (If the file extension is .html or .htm change it to .php)
    • By default TraceWatch doesn't take dynamic page parameters into account, to override this read counting page parameters
  9. Installation is complete, now you can access the report pages using this address: http://yourdomain/twatch/
Counting Page Parameters

By default TraceWatch Web Stats does not count a certain page with different parameters as different pages, in other words:



both will be counted as /product

You can override this by setting global variable $GLOBALS['adl_count_params']=true; before the TraceWatch include statement on your pages.

By doing this if the page accept lots of different parameters you may be drastically increasing the size of paths, daily, monthly and dictionary data in database.

So do this only if different paremeters refer to totally different pages and you really need to have separate stats for those pages.

You can bet I'll be recommending CGIconnection to everyone on my list as well as all my personal friends who use scripts of any kind.

Robert Prieto

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