"100+ Auto-Installing Software Titles For Your Web Site"
Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Thanks to a number of programs I have downloaded, the plans that I had for my website, www.thecamc.org, that were for the future are realities today. The support that you give is beyond excellent. Thank you!

Jack Copeland

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FREE Creature Creator 1.1
Create haunting web pages for Halloween with flying ghosts and bats. Add your own spooky and scary pictures for more fun.

FREE Perl Reference Guide
If you ever wanted to learn CGI programming, this is the official guide to the Perl language.

FREE Net::FTP Module 2.62
Add FTP functions to your Perl scripts. Have your scripts upload files, download, change permissions, and more, on any FTP site.

FREE Web Hog Lite
Files cluttering up your web site? Getting over-charged for space from your provider? Search, edit, and view files and folders on your web site in seconds.

FREE Module Checker
Stop guessing what's installed on your server, and find out if the modules your Perl scripts require are actually installed on your server.

FREE Net::DNS Module 0.34
DNS module used to look up domain names, resolve addresses and much more.

FREE YaBB 1.3.1
"Yet another Bulletin Board" is truly the most feature rich messaging system on the Internet. Now you can have it automatically installed to your site!

FREE Source Code Viewer
Instantly view the HTML, Javascript, or any other code on any web page, and see how your competition is getting in the top search engines

FREE BlueChat
Fast and simple chat room with smiley faces, colors, and more.

A full featured Bulletin Board System for your visitors to view and post messages about any topics you set.

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I just want to say Thank for the free Downloads.It makes a change to find usefull and much needed cgi programs that always work when I upload them to my server.
- Steve Cardwell

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Download Fuse Node.js Compiler