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Site Searcher 2

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Now you and your visitors can search through just about any type of file and folders on your web site... without being restricted to how a search engine indexed your web site in their database.

Whether you want your visitors to look for content within your web pages, documents, or plain text files, Site Searcher 2 allows you to do all of this in realtime, while letting you customize the look and feel for your web site.

Other search engines, like GoogleTM, need to index your pages before the search will work. This could take days or even weeks to update every time you add or change your pages.

Site Searcher 2 is unique because it doesn't create indexes or catalogs of your files, but searches for content inside of the documents you choose in realtime. This way you and your web site visitors are always getting the freshest search results from the content on your web site... no matter when the file was last updated.



Display Site Searcher 2 two different ways on your web site.

Full Screen:

Displayed right on your web pages:


Site Searcher 2 automatically installs on your web site in seconds Or, follow the below instructions to install manually.

How to use:

Once you install Site Searcher 2 in your CGI-BIN folder, you can change any of the configuration settings, colors, and more by pointing your web browser to:


To begin using Site Searcher 2 on your web site, just point your web browser to:


I do have to say your site and products are brilliant.


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